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Homes England recognise the need for major development to be supported by appropriate infrastructure and will collaborate with the local community to ensure that the delivery of infrastructure is aligned with the delivery of housing. We will invest in transport and community infrastructure to provide a new network of connections to Chalgrove and the surrounding villages to mitigate the traffic impact of new residents.


Our previous engagement with the Parish Council in Chalgrove and the surrounding area has allowed us to identify corridors that might be affected by the development. We held a series of individual meetings and workshops on strategic infrastructure that highlighted the key areas where we need to develop new strategies to ensure appropriate and sustainable infrastructure is implemented. These include:


  • Public transport: there is a need for improved public transport to key destinations, therefore, we will invest in a number of new bus services to the existing and new villages.


  • Traffic: realigning the B480 throught the village is designed to accommodate free-flowing traffic and therefore mitigate the impact  and volume of traffic travelling through Chalgrove High Street.


  • Lanes: opportunity for calming traffic in lanes


  • Bridleways: the need for improved routes and road crossings


  • Cycling: there is a need for better connected cycle routes so we will develop new routes along dedicated cycle paths to connect to the village and wider community. Measures will be taken to reduce traffic speed on B480 to improve safety.


  • Walking: there is a need for improved and safer footways and pathways, therefore we will develop pedestrian routes throughout the development. Key streets will be wide enough to incorporate off-road cycle and pedestrian routes.



We are continuing to work with the local community to develop our approach to these priorities in more detail. 


Overview of the proposed transport strategy as displayed at our consultations in July 2018


The strategy sets out to:


  • Shorten travel distances by providing new, on-site, high quality local employment, education, leisure, community, social and retail facilities;


  • Promote and enhance sustainable travel to encourage people to cycle, walk and use public transport;


  • Provide significant improvements to the local road network to accommodate increased car travel and meet the needs of existing communities.




Chalgrove is located on a floodplain that is prone to flooding during Winter. With this, we are implementing flood mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of flooding within the village.


A drainage strategy has been put into place to control the flooding of the Chalgrove Brook. Various sustainable features including swales, ponds, and rain gardens will be incorporated into the design of the development to manage the increased surface water run-off on the impermeable surfaces that will be created as a result of the development. These will work by redirecting the water to the existing watercourses beyond the site and be slowly discharged into the network.




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