Indicative masterplan of Chalgrove Airfield as displayed at our public consultations, July 2018



Chalgrove Airfield is a former World War Two aerodrome near Chalgrove in Oxfordshire. In 2016, ownership of the Airfield transferred from the Ministry of Defence to Homes England.


Homes England is non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Out role is to ensure more people in England have access to better homes in the right places. To make this happen, we intervene in the market to get more homes built where they are needed. We accelerate delivery, tackle market failure where it occurs and help to shape a more resilient and diverse housing market.


For further information, please refer to the Homes England Strategic Plan 2018-2023.



Our key proposals will deliver:


          • 3,000 new homes, including 40% affordable housing

        •  New employment opportunities for the local and wider communities

        • Two primary schools and a 1,500 pupil secondary school, including a sixth form, with accessible community sports and cultural facilities

        • Approximately 30% of the site dedicated to open space and green routes

        • New, sustainable network of cycle and pedestrian routes

        • Health and Wellbeing Centre, supermarket, local shops and cafes

        • Appropriate transport infrastructure improvements to increase connectivity and mitigate the impact of new residents



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