Involving the community


Since late 2016, we have been discussing our proposals with South Oxfordshire District Council, Oxfordshire County Council, parish council's and the local community. We are committed to involving the community and using our public events as a way to consult with you and hear your feedback.


Our engagement to date includes:



  • Autumn-Winter 2016: Meetings with parish councils and neighbourhood plan groups, including a series of Strategic Infrastructure Corridors Workshop


  • January 2017: An Enquiry by Design (EbD) event, which brought together local stakeholders to discuss a shared vision for the site


  • June-July 2017: Meetings with parish councils and neighbourhood plan groups to develop ideas about infrastructure further


  • October 2017: Further meetings with parish councils and neighbourhood plan groups


  • July 2018: Further meetings with parish councils and public consultation events


  • August 2018 onwards: March 2019 – Further meetings with Oxfordshire County Council, local stakeholders and public consultation events


  • March 2019: Public consultation events for proposed bypasses at Cuxham and Stadhampton / Chiselhampton

At the events, you were able to find out more about our proposals, meet with the project team and ask questions, and share your views.


July 2018 public consultation events – proposed development at Chalgrove Airfield


The consultation boards we presented in July 2018 are available here.


March 2019 public consultation events – bypass proposals for Cuxham and Stadhampton / Chiselhampton 


The consultation boards we presented at the March 2019 consultation events can be downloaded here.







We have included, in chronological order, a record of the notes from all of the meetings we have had to date with the local parish councils: 






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