Our vision is for an integrated community with distinct character areas.


The consultations we held with the local community have helped our emerging plans for the site. This has provided us with vital insights into the challenges and complexities of a developmentof this nature, as well as helping us to understand local priorities. We are clear that the development of Chalgrove Airfield will support South Oxfordshire's goals of sustainable and approproate growth.



Illustrative view of the mixed use development as displayed at our public consultations, July 2018


We want to maintain a strong identity for the existing village of Chalgrove as part of a 21st Century Market Town. With this, our vision for Chalgrove Airfield includes:



      • 3,000 new homes as part of a thriving mixed development, from one bed apartments for young people to family homes. 40% of new homes will be affordable, increasing the opportunity for home ownership in South Oxfordshire.


      • Employment space for existing and new businesses to invest and grow. The development will create a substantial amount of on-site jobs during the construction process that once complete will provide vast opportunities for employment in the area. Homes England are developing a Community Employment Plan to ensure that these opportunities are available to the local community.

      • Our plans are designed to ensure that Martin Baker can remain in operation at the Airfield, and would have the space to expand to deveop and grow their operations in Oxfordshire.


      • New community, education and health facilities.


      • Developed green spaces creating safe places for leisure and recreation that builds a strong sense of community and connects to the wider countryside.


      • Sustainable drainage infrastructure to prevent flooding, increase biodiversity and create an attractive physical environment.


      • On-site infrastructure to address the impact of development in neighbouring villages.

      • Realignment of the B480 through the development to create an integrated town and manage the transport impact of the scheme. This is designed to accommodate free-flowing traffic, therefore, we expect traffic to use the rerouted B480 in preference to diverting via the High Street.






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